4 reasons to enforce safety shoes in the workplace

Slow day at work? Here is a scary fact to liven it up – enforce safety shoes in the workplace!

25% of all worldwide disability applications worldwide are linked to injured feet. In the UK alone, over 100,000 accidents at work are reported every year. Translation: a very costly and avoidable issue.

4 reasons to enforce safety shoes in the workplaceIf you don’t believe us, we can back it up. Take Canada as the perfect example, they recently made safety shoes compulsory for workers which saw the amount of feet injuries in the workplace decrease by a staggering 60%.

If for some reason you still don’t believe us, or you just skipped ahead to the good stuff below, we have compiled the top 4 reasons to enforce work shoes in the workplace.

1. Claims
If your business fails to provide safety boots for employees, or looks the other way when employees choose not to follow this safety regulation, you will undoubtedly at some point face the repercussions for this. Not only are you putting a hefty amount of money on the line but you’re also risking your business permits and licenses. So, make sure you provide your team with the safety footwear they need. Not only does this prevent an injury from happening in the first place, but in the unfortunate circumstance that there is, you are not to held accountable.

Prevent an injury from happening in the first place – enforce safety shoes in the workplace

2. Worker morale
It’s likely that you’ve heard workers complain about discomfort or pain before. Investing in their safety and comfort will not go unnoticed by them. This can lead to them feeling more valued and appreciated, resulting in a more loyal and hardworking workforce. Invest in a good brand and use a supplier that you can trust, that has lots of experience and knowledge of industry specific requirements.

3. Weather
“I can’t come to work today, I don’t want to get sick”, a sentence an employee should never have to say. Extreme weather conditions can cause health problems, particularly during the colder seasons, which if exposed to for too long can reduce blood circulation in your feet. If this type of exposure is prolonged it can cause nerve damage to the area. There are also common medical conditions such as Reynaud’s Syndrome which affects up to ten million people in the UK, and which is aggravated by weather changes. Make sure that your team are prepared for all seasons of the year, particularly if working outside. Wellington boots and insulated boots are ideal for the winter months, whilst something light and breathable would be more comfortable during summertime.

Extreme weather conditions can cause health problems

4. Protection
Burns, punctures, scrapes and the classic hammer-lands-on-toe are all realistic accident scenarios. Safety boots are made of incredibly thick and durable materials built to withstand a wide range of workplace hazards. There are various types of safety shoes so make sure to find one that will fit your job role.
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