Bundles of joy with Workwear Bundles!

Workwear Bundles - MEGA BUNDLEWorkwear Bundles! Imagine walking into a new business for the first time. It’s a warehouse, a shop or an office – whatever you like. You’re a potential new client or customer, striding through the door with the confidence of someone who’s ready to do business (or buy some stuff!). You look around, searching for someone to talk to, your fists full of money you’re just dying to give to this lucky company.

But there’s something odd about this place. You can’t seem to see any staff. They blend into the regular punters – or, at least, they’re all wearing different kit (see where we’re going with this one?). Sadly, you turn for the door and head across the road to Miscellaneous Competitor Inc. They’ll have instantly recognisable staff you can throw your money at.

Workwear BundlesOk, it’s a slight exaggeration. But the power of matching kit, uniform, work gear or whatever you want to call it can’t be ignored. A team looks instantly smarter, more professional, organised, disciplined – all of the things that a potential punter wants to see.

If only there was a way a business could get all the kit they need in one place and not break the bank. If only…

Mi Workwear Bundle

Lucky, lucky you. The exact thing you need is a Mi Workwear Bundle – sets of matching kit in any size which you can mix and match to get your whole team looking amazing. Forget trawling around a website (or, heaven forbid, an actual shop) just select the items you want on our Bundles and we’ll do the rest. All personalised with your company logo.

MISo, what Bundles can you get your mitts on at the minute? We’ve got our Hoody Bundle – £20 hoodies for £300. There’s our Polo Bundle, which is 20 polo shirts for £144. Our Softshell Bundle is 20 softshell jackets for £420. And last but not least (last and most, in fact) is our Mega Bundle – 50 items included, which is absolutely nuts.

Bundles just make sense. You’re getting everything you need and you’re making a saving. Found the perfect Bundle but it’s got t-shirts, not polos? No sweat – you can mix and match, switch in and out and get your Bundle looking right for your workforce. They’re cost-effective, they look great and they create a genuine team atmosphere and culture. Happy days.

MIIn 2020, we’re introducing more new Bundles with more variety and more savings. Could you ask for more “more”? Probably not. But we’re giving it to you anyway!

Like the look of a Bundle? Buy it direct or give us a call to check out how you can adapt it on 01455 891199. Your hypothetical customer will be back with their wad of cash in no time.

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