Get your business the exposure with branded products

Get your business the exposure it needs with branded products

Branded Products – When it comes to advertising your business and getting your brand recognised, it can be costly and we know that not all businesses share the same budget. However, in todays overcrowded market it is crucial to get your company name recognised. Promotional products have proved to be an effective method of obtaining new business, studies have even showed that promotional products are twice as likely to motivate consumer action compared to standard advertising.

With this in mind there are a lot of questions that you should be asking, such as: How do I consider my target audience? Which medium will work best for me? and What will fit within my budget? Below we have highlighted how you can brand your business without breaking the bank:

Branded office supplies

Did you know that up to 89% of people keep promotional products if they are practical?

Branding everyday supplies that would be used in your office is a great way to get your business some recognition. Office supplies are always needed, so by providing branded products which will be used by clients or prospect clients regularly, it will ensure your name will be in front of them on a regular basis.

Which promotional products work well?

Branded products are best used in conjunction with everyday items, from mugs, re-useable water bottles, pens, coasters, hats and notepads. All of these items will be useful to the person on the receiving end and who doesn’t like stuff when it’s free? Think back to all of the times you’ve received branded goods from other companies, they will have always been used and appreciated by someone in the office.

Sustainability of the products

Business cards and leaflets will probably be thrown away – they’re dust collectors and are easy to use. However, that re-useable coffee cup will sit on their desk for the next 6 months or longer, in fact around 87% of people given a promotional product keep it for 12+months! You can’t underestimate the reach of your branded products as they will not only be seen by your clients, but their employees, their clients and other contacts. Promotional products are also cost effective when comparing them against advertising platforms such as TV, radio or print. 

Get in touch

Here at Mi Workwear, we offer it all when it comes to branded promotional products – pens, mugs, re-useable coffee cups, hats, and so much more! Whatever you’re looking for, we can support your branding needs. Just get in touch with our helpful team here or call us on 01455 891 199

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