Hi-vis jackets – for your dog, yep that’s right, for your dog

Hi-vis jacketsSome people think that buying clothes for dogs is daft. Not us. At Mi Workwear, we reckon our four-legged friends deserve everything they’ve got coming to them and that includes a Hi-Vis jacket. Yep, you heard us right – you can now buy fully customisable, highly-fashionable, great-looking Hi-vis jackets for your dog.

It’s the gift for the dog that has everything and, with Christmas just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to pick one up. You might have an office or site dog who’s feeling left out without any branded gear. Make their year by getting them an Mi Workwear Hi-Vis! You’ll be almost guaranteed to pass your next safety inspection when even the dog’s wearing PPE.

“Why would a dog need a Hi-Vis jacket?” We hear you cry.

Hi-vis jacketsThere are more than a couple of reasons. Imagine you’re at the park, walking your pup. Suddenly, they bolt off into the undergrowth to chase what they think might have been a squirrel. Now, usually, you’d be looking for your dog for a good half an hour before they pad back into view, covered in mud. Now – with their new Hi-Vis, you can keep a track on them wherever they go. They’ll still probably get muddy, but hey – we’re not miracle workers. There’s also the added safety that if they go running off into the road to chase a cat (as they do) – they’ll be well spotted by vehicles on the road.

It’s also turning into a pretty nippy winter. Your mutt might look like they won’t get cold, what with their natural fur coat, but these chilly months can get the best of even the furriest pup. Our Hi-Vis jackets don’t just look great – they’ll provide a bit of warmth too!

We can customise the colour and style of our jackets, even adding your business name or your dog’s name to create an extra personal feel. Give Mi Workwear an email or a call today and get a Hi-Vis for your canine companion. They’ll absolutely love it.

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