Offers on Branded Gear to Kickstart your Pandemic PresenceWelcome to this months blog – Offers on Branded Gear to Kickstart your Pandemic Presence. First off, we hope that everyone who reads this is safe and well, staying at home and keeping out of harm’s way. There are real people running the show here day in, day out, and we hope you’re keeping as safe as we’re trying to (yep, we’re social distancing here at Mi Towers).

It’s in our DNA to be caring. You might even say it’s part of our brand. That’s why we write blogs that make you smile a bit. And it’s why we provide quality PPE gear at affordable prices. For Mi Workwear, branding is extremely important.

And it should be for you too! In case you’re not convinced of the merits of branded gear – particularly in this weird year, 2020 – we’ve put together a couple of nigh-on irresistible offers so you can brand up in a time of Coronavirus.

Branded Social Distancing Vests – Kickstart your Pandemic Presence

Back to work on site? Still need to keep to 2 meters apart? You need our social distancing vests – with a distancing message on the back – 10 for £35+VAT. They’re the perfect little reminder for your workers to keep their distance, and the price includes your logo printed on the front. Don’t say we never treat you.

0% Finance over three months – Kickstart your Pandemic Presence

Got a huge order of kit you need filling, but cash is a bit tight at the mo? DO NOT WORRY. Our second offer gives you THREE months of 0% finance on offers over £1,000.* We know times are tough – so we’re doing everything we can to make them that bit easier.

BOGOF – Kickstart your Pandemic Presence

Offer three is a biggie – Buy One Get One Free on ALL garments! It’s that simple – you buy something, we’ll give you the same thing for free!** We’re in the brilliant position to do this because of the quality support we’ve had from our suppliers.

So there you have it – three offers, chock full of top quality gear. Fancy something with a logo on but don’t have a logo? We can design that for you too! Honestly, we impress ourselves sometimes. Everything’s sorted for you – if you need a free sample to make sure something looks right or it’ll fit – no problem! Just ask. Oh, and with everything that’s going on at the minute, we’re offering contact-free delivery too.

If any of these offers seem like your cup of tea, the only thing you need to do now is get in touch with Mi on 01455 891 199 or fill in our contact form. Stay safe everybody.

*This offer is not in conjunction with any other offer / bundle.

**Printing and embroidery at full cost

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