An easy way to increase productivity in the workplace

increase productivity in the workplaceIncrease productivity in the workplace – Have you ever had one of those dreams where you’re at work or in school, you look down at yourself and you’re completely naked? Everyone has, right? You get that queasy, churning horror feeling in the pit of your stomach and, as your dream-colleagues and dream-classmates start to notice, it only gets worse until you’re having a full-on dream-anxiety attack.

Well here’s something worse to think about – imagine being at work in real life, looking down and realising you’re not wearing a uniform!

Alright, so it’s not quite as bad as turning up naked, but the psychological impact of what we wear shouldn’t be denied. The boffins in the Mi Workwear labs* have been doing some (internet) research – and they’ve found studies stating that what you wear affects how you act. So, if you’re wearing gym clothes, you’ll be more likely to do physical activity. If you’re in your suit, it’ll be slightly tougher to relax in social situations. This might explain why Dave marched onto the dancefloor at the Christmas party after he’d tied his tie around his head, Rambo-style.

Casual dress reduces productivity

So then, wearing a uniform to work will get employees into a working frame of mind. They’ll associate the uniform with hard work and be more productive. It’s a no brainer! On the flip side, our geniuses (genii?) also worked out that the opposite is true – casual dress reduces productivity.

The most common argument for a uniform is to help identify staff. But sometimes, this logic doesn’t work – like when your staff aren’t customer-facing. Instead, think of your staff as a football team. When they pull on that kit, they’re part of something bigger – a unit, a tribe that’s here to smash their working day.

In short, uniforms work. They increase productivity making your business better. And, of course, the nicer they look – the more pride you’ve taken in selecting them – the more inclined your staff will be to work harder. Now, if only there was a place you could buy high quality, matching uniforms at effective prices…

Come on. You’re reading this blog on Mi Workwear’s website. Check out the links at the top of the page and you’ll discover some fantastic work uniforms, all adaptable and customisable to make them bespoke to your business. We can’t stop the naked dreams, but we definitely can raise productivity at your workplace.

*Full disclosure: the boffins might just be the chap who wrote this blog.

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