What are the benefits of a company branded uniform?

Brand identity is everything. From a logo to a strapline, we like to envision a strong, identifiable brand. This branding is the sort of thing that can make all the difference to the success of the company and the happiness of your employees. One of the biggest ways we identify brands is by using branded workwear. Think about it, you would identify a football team by their crest or colour, so why not incorporate that into your company? Below we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why you should use company branded uniforms: 

Strengthens Company Identity

Uniform is used as a way of advertising. Meaning when your employees wear it, it becomes a walking advertisement for your company. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already a big business, branding and uniform is essential. Marketing through uniform is a way of pushing your brand out to the wide world. Brand identity is absolutely crucial – it allows people to feel secure when they recognise your uniform, an example being the red of the Royal Mail uniform.

Improved Work Ethic

Employees will be more aware of their standard of work when wearing branded uniform, as customers will know where to report negative feedback. A company that wears the same uniform will also make your employees proud as it provides a sense of loyalty and unity.

Creating a consistent look means there is no pressure to look a certain way. It’ll allow everyone to feel equal without the worry of being dressed overly or under smart. The worry of someone not dressing appropriately for their role will be eliminated. 

Giving the Right Impression  

We know that first impressions are everything! So, having a smart, branded uniform will allow you to appear professional. Employees could also feel confident in their uniform and have the mentality of ‘dressing for success’. When someone enjoys their job, they will want others to see who they work for and what they stand for.  


Some company uniforms might not be the most fashionable but that’s because they are made to comply with healthy and safety regulations. So, clothing such as high-vis jackets may be a requirement in some places. But it doesn’t have to be dull – Mi Workwear offer a large variety of PPE/Safety workwear that you are able to customise to your brand. Click hereto have a look at what’s on offer.

Final Thought… 

There are numerous benefits to company branded uniform, but you have to get it right to make it work. Mi Workwear can provide you with a cost effective and top-quality service. Printing and embroidery is done in house for the quickest turnarounds, we even have the facility to design a company logo for you if you don’t already have one. To find out more get in touch here.

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