What should you consider when re-branding?

What should you consider when re-branding?

Have you been thinking about re-branding recently? If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know it’s more than just choosing a new colour and a nice logo! There’s a lot to think about when re-branding, firstly you need to consider why you’re doing it….

Ask yourself… 

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you throw money at a rebrand. Has your customer base changed or are you wanting to expand it to reach a new audience? Perhaps your company has grown rapidly, and your brand doesn’t represent this growth? You should ask your staff, friends and family for some feedback on the current brand, do they think it’s outdated? Then see what your competition is – what do you need to do to stand out in a highly saturated market? Once you have a full understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, you need to decide the extent of the rebrand!

Levels of a re-brand

Just a refresher… 

This can be just a small re-vamp if you’re trying to keep up with the times. You’re not necessarily changing any of the services you offer, your name, colours or strapline. But are just adding a bit of modernisation to appeal to a modern audience. An example of this is where all of the major fashion brands such as Burberry and Saint Laurent have changed their font, from their trademark to big and bold.

The works…

A full rebrand is where your company stays the same but is re-introduced as something else. This type of change might suggest a slight name change to modernise the brand. Other things that might change completely include the colour palette and font, more recently you might have seen the Facebook logo change to a slightly lighter blue, with them centring the “F” on the app. 

What do I need? 

When the time comes for your re-brand, at Mi Workwear we have everything you need to get you started! From providing new branded uniforms, to kitting out the office with branded mugs and pens, we can help take the pressure off! Our services include printing, embroidery, branded uniforms and personalised items – there’s everything here that can help you with a brand launch. We will help to make your visions come to life, don’t forget to send your clients and industry connections your branded items to welcome them to your new brand! 

Get in touch

If we can help you with your rebrand, from supplying new branded uniforms for the team, to creating promotional goods to get your new brand noticed, then get in touch today! Call us on 01455 891 199 or email us at info@miworkwear.org.uk and one of our team members will be happy to help!

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