Why you need personalised T-Shirts at events

personalised T-ShirtsAll the coolest people wear personalised T-shirts. The FBI. SWAT teams. Paramedics. And now, with a bit of help from MI – you and your team. If you’ve got an event coming up, you need to get yourself some personalise shirts, stat!

You might be thinking “Listen here, Mi Workwear, I don’t need your high-quality personalised T-shirts for my business event.” But that’s where you’d be wrong. Having personalised Ts gives you several categorical advantages over your non-personalised competitors, rivals and business enemies.


Personalised T-shirts look professional but they also serve the dual purpose of advertising your brand wherever you go. Your torso becomes a moving billboard, pumping your awesome brand into the brains of everyone who lays eyes on your T. Basically, your T-shirts pay for themselves if you wear them around potential customers.


Why splash out on expensive gear, merch, adverts and other promotional stuff when you can kit your whole team out in personalised T-shirts from Mi Workwear? It wouldn’t make sense! Cut down on your bills and ramp up your fashion. Printed T-shirts are more cost-effective than embroidered ones, so we think they’re your best option for getting your company name and/or logo on your chest.

They last

Your event is over. Better whip off your personalised T and chuck it straight in the bin, right? No. Obviously, you’d have a be a complete nutter to do something like that. Instead, you’ll be keeping your personalised T for everyday use. They could double up as new work uniforms. They could be reused at your next event. Or they could become your go-to comfy top for cosy evenings. The possibilities are endless!

We reckon you might be convinced by now. If you’re not, remember our Ts are top quality, our printing is bold and striking and they build any team into a more closely-knit unit. Get in touch with Mi Workwear and grab yourself some personalised T-shirts that’d make the CIA proud.

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